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Payments / Transfers / Exchange This is what we do best
Cross-border payments have become a "headache" for the whole world. Bureaucracy, sanctions, compliance, lack of liquidity, inflexibility of financial systems - these are the most crucial challenges on the way to financial freedom and independence. Fintap solves these issues and provides its users with all the essential tools:
  • Make operations with funds (exchange, transfer) even in the directions where classical bank cooperation does not work
  • Enter new markets quickly and flexibly without lengthy approvals and bureaucratic delays
  • A broad list of financial opportunities: from online banking to OTC activities
Case study
Zikimo lives and works in Malawi. He has an older son, who wants to become an architect and is now studying in Milan.To pay for his education, Zikimo struggles with time-consuming compliance and high cross-border fees. To sail through these challenges, Zikimo became a client of Fintap.Now in one app he quickly pays all the education expenses and even manage all his wealth portfolio to mitigate economical, political, and bank risks.
Fixed rates
Fixed rates are set for every exchange - we fix the rate, so you are confident with the exact sum you will receive.
Zero transfer fees
The wallet supports 60+ currencies and crypto tokens: USD, EUR, RUB, BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, XRP, etc. Send funds for free within the FinTap network thanks to the EON blockchain
Pro Deposit andWithdraw
Value your time and make things simple. Two steps in one click - select the wallet you want to up and choose the method you want to pay with (Buy feature). Otherwise, you just select the wallet to send funds from and final method to receive money on. No worries about exchange and extra activities. Make time work for you.
Secured chat
Security and simplicity. Chat, send money, make group invoices, receive audio and video in one place with secured mechanism. No one can access your data.
P2PComing soon
  • Secured deals

    Fintap's infrastructure is designed by people to people. We use a special escrow service to freeze assets as an intermediary in P2P deals. We mitigate risk associated with scams and illegal activities. Besides, all our makers go through a KYC procedure to ensure that all transactions are protected against fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

  • Low fees

    Flexible fee structure for beneficial trade for the maker and zero fees for the taker.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface

    Convenient and friendly interface. We find the best options for you - in terms of speed and price. No more endless flow of information and offers.

  • Variety of payment methods

    You define how you want to be paid. Buy and sell crypto, receive fiat safely via Bank transfers, E-wallets, and cards.

Buy simply withComing soon


Pay easily for services you use: from Steam and Netflix to Grocery shop. No worries about conversion or exchanges.

Just select the wallet you want to pay from in the App - we will take care of all the conversion and paper work.

Enjoy your life and make it simple.

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Coming soonMonetize your trafficwith Fintap Affiliate programme
No specific requirements or criteria. Everyone can grow their followers and earn with trading activities. Create an account and share your affiliate link. Start earning here and now. Or you can simply share your affiliate link from the App and receive new source of income from your followers.
How to buy a BTC?
Easy. Just download Fintap.app from store, select country and start your journey with crypto without any limitations
Send crypto with 0% fee
Open Fintap app, select Send option and wallet (Crypto/fiat), enter amount to send. Select most convenient option: Select receiver from contacts Scan/enter EON-ID Send funds without fee
Are you a digital nomad and freelancer? We have a tool for you
Invite your clients to Fintap secured chat. Share docs, videos with them, receive rewards directly within conversation room. 0% fees for internal transfers. Enjoy life
Exchange anything you want in one step with best rates
We support cross exchange pairs, so you no longer need to perform several exchanges to get into currency you want. Top up your wallet with one currency and exchange to any one preferred.
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